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Window Cleaning

It’s one of the reasons Old World cathedrals spent a lot of money on stained glass windows and why churches today still install stained glass windows. Windows can tell a story of those living inside or of those who congregate therein, such as in churches and mosques.

Window Cleaning FL has dedicated our lives to ensure your residential, commercial, church, and other buildings in and around Florida, glimmering windows that tell your story, the story of your business, or the story of your beliefs. Call or fill out our free estimate form for window washing service today!

Florida building owners and apartment managers always find window washing challenges. Cleaning windows can be difficult not only because you need the right tools, but also because you have to know-how. This has led to Florida window washing becoming a real discipline. Window Cleaning FL has the best and most experienced window washers out of all the window cleaning companies in Florida. Commercial cleaning is an industry that we excel at, and we remain proud of our track record here.

Florida Commercial Window Cleaning Service👌

Local Window Cleaners in Florida

Building technologies have vastly altered the appearance of Florida thanks to development. Architects are building taller, shinier, and more elaborate buildings. Therefore, facade cleaning and maintenance can be difficult from the outside. Our Florida window cleaning company specializes in high-rise window cleaning, rope access, metal cleaning, bosun’s chair window cleaning, aerial lifts facade power washing, boom lifts, and bucket trucks. Other services available are rope access, rope access metal cleaning, and chain access window cleaning. Among the services we offer are:

  • Residential window cleaning in Florida
  • Commercial window cleaning in Florida
  • High-rise window cleaning in Florida
  • Suspended scaffold window cleaning in Florida
  • Low-rise window cleaning in all of Florida
  • Rope access window cleaning in all of Florida
  • Boom lift window cleaning in Florida
  • Bosun’s chair window cleaning in Florida

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Licensed & Insured

Window Washing in Florida

We created rules and policies to maintain a strong level of organization and a high level of safety. Unlike any other window cleaning company, we are passionate about what we do; therefore, our clients receive the best experience and high-quality service from our window washing company.

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows on Florida’s high-rises are part of our specialization. We use different methods of approach. If the building has a permanent scaffolding system, we are happy to suggest our professional window cleaners who are experienced and trained to work on suspended platforms. We also have multiple bucket trucks that can reach up to 22 floors. They provide an easy and fast way to inspect or clean any building.

Suspended Scaffold Window Cleaning

Swing stages and Davits systems are among the most popular ways to perform building maintenance and window cleaning in Florida. However, these are some of the most dangerous ways to provide exterior cleaning services. Technicians who use power platforms are required to have a level of experience and training that eliminates the likelihood of accidents on the job site.  That’s why our window washing company requires our employees to pass a suspended scaffolding 32-hour training class.

Low-Rise Window Cleaning Service

Many different methods exist for cleaning low-rise buildings. The advantage of this kind of building is its low maintenance cost. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to certify a suspended scaffold system or install special rigging anchor points. Low-rise buildings can be easily and legally cleaned with rope access or Bosun’s chair. There are some exceptions; we don’t recommend using this approach on buildings with colored alucobond panels because those panels are sensitive to touch. In these cases, our window cleaning specialists based in Florida recommend using boom lifts or bucketing trucks to eliminate unwanted marks on the metal panels’ surface.

Rope Access Window Cleaning

Does your Florida building have a fancy design and a lot of unique features that make it hard to clean? Then rope access window cleaning is the right choice. Professional window cleaners at Window Cleaning FL find this method the most effective and least expensive for building owners. Usually, it does not require much more than providing access to the roof for our window cleaning team in Florida and beyond.

Boom Lift Window Cleaning

Boom lifts are the most popular way to wash windows in Florida. Most of the buildings in Florida qualify as low-rise buildings, being four to six stories high. Using boom lifts for buildings like these is commonplace because it is a very efficient and reliable window cleaning method.

Bosun's Chair Window Cleaning Florida

Bosun’s chair is a simple approach to the rope access technique. It involves a straightforward descent from a building on a rope. In addition, it does not require specialized certification for employees. Professional window cleaners usually call this method RDS, which stands for Rope Descent System. Typically, it is used for buildings with straight walls without any obstacles or elevations. It is also one of the safest methods of window washing in the United States. According to IWCA, providing commercial window cleaning services with the Rope Descent System is safer than driving a car or flying in a plane.

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