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Candit Whitening Skylight & Greenhouse Window Cleaning in Florida Great Deals. Don’t misss!
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Florida's #1 Skylight & Greenhouse Window Cleaning


The most affordable, top quality and thorough window cleaning service available in Florida


Each of our technicians has gone through multiple trainings and has over 7 years of experience.


We are very serious about what we do and your satisfaction is our priority


You can request an on-site or online estimate at any time.

  • It’s notoriously hard to clean greenhouse and skylight windows. Especially if you lack the right cleaning equipment, the windows can put you in awkward angles to clean. They are almost always high above your head.The experts at Window Cleaning FL can assist. Your home or business can benefit from our greenhouse and skylight cleaning services. We’ve been helping people let in the light and maintain the brightness of their buildings for years.


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In addition to greenhouse glass and skylight restoration, we also offer a window repair service. Because they are so high up, skylights often go unmaintained. Occasionally, greenhouse glass breaks and needs to be repaired. Please call us today if you need cleaning services or restoration services for a greenhouse or skylight in the Florida area.

  • Skylights and greenhouse glass will last longer with this treatment
  • Makes it safer than climbing up without the right training and equipment
  • Ensures longer-lasting window cleaning
  • Plants in greenhouses grow better with this product
  • Eliminates bacteria that build up on your skylight or in your greenhouse
  • Increases the amount of light
  • And so much more!


Is it tough for you to reach those skylights that are hard to reach at home or in the office? We are here to help you with all of your window cleaning needs. With our equipment and expertise, we can access skylights that are otherwise inaccessible because of the ceiling height, the location of the skylight, obstructions, and other factors.

Count on us if you’re looking for clean, clear skylights, which are great for giving any room a natural glow. Clean windows let in more light and will let you enjoy the view out of your skylights.


We are lucky to have an abundance of historic and vintage buildings in Florida. Our businesses and neighborhoods benefit from these structures because they create a sense of nostalgia and style, but they also require restoration from time to time to maintain their structural integrity.

Skylights in these buildings are often discolored, leaky, or stuck closed due to their age. New skylights can also develop problems, such as settling of the building, damage from hail, ice, wind, snow, or other environmental factors.

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Skylight restoration may involve any of the following:

  • Having a deep cleaning to clean up dirt and grime that’s built up over the years, so the screen is clear;
  • Sealing any leaks and preventing future ones from occurring;
  • Repaired framework so that your skylight can be opened for ventilation when you need it;
  • Fixing cracks in the glass and restoring the skylight’s integrity and beauty;
  • We think you should take advantage of a skylight if you have one. Our skylight restoration services will bring new life to your worn or old skylight. Contact us today!


Greenhouses are also cleaned by Window Cleaning FL. Greenhouses offer a respite from the city, but dirty windows detract from this delight. We offer deep cleaning services for glass, acrylic, fiberglass, and other greenhouse materials. The value of a freshly cleaned greenhouse will increase tremendously and you will have a peaceful, attractive place to relax and tend to your plants.


In their current deteriorated condition, many historic greenhouses need some TLC to restore their former glory. Glass panes can be replaced, door and window mechanisms repaired, and scratches removed in greenhouse restoration.

We will be happy to provide a fair and accurate online estimate if you contact the specialists at Window Cleaning FL. Don’t wait to restore your greenhouse or skylight to their former glory! Get in touch with us today so we can help you restore them to their former beauty and function!

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