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Anyone can target any place in today’s world, including schools, churches, and offices. As these threats can be perpetrated at any time and by anyone, protecting against them is incredibly challenging.

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  • Our team of window cleaners in Florida is an expert in school safety window film installation. In addition to preventing the broken glass from spilling on the ground, the film is specially designed for adhering to the window frame, which makes it extremely hard for anyone to enter the home from the outside. Despite its UV resistance, it does let light in and allows you to see outside. You can use it to secure the windows in your school. We can help you clean your windows. Contact us today!


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In order to keep our children safe, we must identify potential shooters and take measures to prevent such incidences from occurring at schools. You can prevent broken glass from posing a threat to your students and intruders by investing in school safety film. Furthermore, the film also prevents theft and vandalism, as well as other criminal activities.

  • Designed to withstand blasts and impacts
  • Debris and shards of glass are less likely to fly into the air
  • Maintains the position of glass shards
  • Reduces cleanup time by securing broken glass
  • Provides protection against solar radiation
  • The product ranges from 20-72 levels of light transmission
  • Improved comfort due to high heat rejection
  • Protects property and people from the sun’s UV rays


Every student, worker, and worshipper deserves a safe environment. Window Cleaning FL offers Armorcoat® Safety & Security Window Film Installations in these and other places where groups gather for a common purpose.

A multi-ply polyester film is attached to the frame of a window or anchored to a building and is applied to existing glass (or anchored to the building in some cases).

Safety film is attached to the frame using structural silicone or mechanical attachment systems. Safety film anchors to the frame, securing the shattered glass together while preventing intruders from entering.

Each Armorcoat Series product comes in an application-specific thickness ranging from 4-7 mils for classic glass retention, vandalism protection, and more protection against break-ins at storefronts.

The 8-14 Mil range is reserved for security applications that require the strongest film, for example, anti-intrusion and blast mitigation. To achieve optimum installation effectiveness, these thicker products need to be anchored to the frame or building.

As well as commercial window cleaning, our glass company provides residential window cleaning. If you want to take full advantage of your school’s views this winter, we can clean your windows so they are spot-free and squeaky clean, so you can enjoy them. Our Florida glass company offers school safety films for a reasonable price.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an installation, please contact us today. In Florida, we can send one of our safety window film technicians to you. Call Window Cleaning FL now to get started.

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